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This page serves as a place to request and discuss deletions.


The following are the policies to the requests for deletion process.

  • A. General
  • 1. This is an optional process; administrators can delete anything they believe is necessary
  • 2. Anyone can nominate an article the feel should be deleted.
  • B. Process
  • 1. Fill out a form to create a deletion discussion.
  • 2. Once the discussion is created, the nominator must explain why they feel the article should be deleted.
  • 3. A discussion will occur, centered on that particular article, template, category, etc.
  • 4. Neutral votes do not count in the final tally for consensus (70%)

Request form

  • 1. Replace PAGE with the title of the page you believe should be deleted in the box below.
  • 2. Click "submit."
  • 3. When you submit, fill out the information on the resulting page, then save the page.
  • 4. Copy and paste the following under "requests" of this page, replacing "PAGE" with the title.
  • 5. User the template"{{AFDD}}" on the article that is requesting a deletion discussion.
  • [[ESB:Requests for deletion/ARTICLE]]


Requests for deletion

Requests for deletion (edit)
Page Discussion Posted Status
Sea Side Story (DVD) Discussion January 15, 2017 Leaning keep
ESB:Report Improper Information Discussion January 14, 2017 Leaning deletion


See archive here: ESB:Requests for deletion/archive

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