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Project Cleanup is the working title for a huge cleanup effort all across Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. It will be conducted in five (5) stages. This page will served as a draft for the planning of the project.

The Proposal and The Vote

Since we seem to not be able to meet in the chat room, at least to get this thing going, I am going with a new strategy that involved 1. The Proposal and 2. The Vote. Instead of leading discussion on how we are going to settle on established guidelines and formats for the articles, I will make a proposal by outlining the full details of each group of article. After I have completed my proposal, I will put forth the link to the proposal on the main page, and the community will have a chance to read through the proposal and make suggestions and support or oppose the proposal. In the case that the proposal is opposed, we must have a solution until we can get a proposal that can be supported and thus passed and implemented. — AMK152 14:19, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

Current proposals

Main article: ESB:Discussions


Over the past 5 years as Encyclopedia SpongeBobia has grown, we have developed a few pages of guidelines for layout and format of the articles. Now that the Wiki has grown quite extensively with activity, there have been developments in inconsistency and disorganization, and I have found the need to create a project which will involve the establishment of formatting and structure guidelines for every aspect of the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, and a way to enforce the formatting. This is not just for the few article guidelines we have, but for every article, category, and how each article/type of article is structured.

Meeting Schedule

Starting in mid-February 2013, Project Cleanup with start up again as we await further development of SpongeBob Universe.

Stage 1: Planning

This stage involves the planning of how we are going to achieve our goals in this project. Anyone can participate in the process of creating an actual process for the project.

Stage 2: Firmly establish guidelines

This stage involves firmly establishing format, layout, and article guidelines across the Wiki. We will establish a correct format to our articles and a process by which our articles are put together and/or completed. Each guideline will cover every aspect of SpongeBob SquarePants and the structure of the wiki.


  • Article structure
  • Episodes (there may be little change here)
  • Characters
  • Merchandise
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Video Games
  • Events
  • Category structure
  • Guideline structure
  • Maintenance structure
  • Maintenance templates

Stage 3: Finalize guidelines

This stage involves finalizing the guidelines and with the SpongeBob Universe team, making them policy in SBU. We will require that everything is formatted a certain way for consistence and quality, and create a policy in which to enforce the new structure, and create a set of rules used for dealing with those who wish to alter the established structure.

Stage 4: Implementation

Implementation will be done in sub-stages to be decided upon at a later date.

The possible process is as follows
  • 1. Finalization of Guideline for certain group of articles.
  • 2. Creation of a maintenance table of all articles involved within that "group." (i.e. Episode articles). The list will contain the link to that article and all relevant information in regard to its maintenance.
  • 3. The Editorial board will go through and review the status of the articles, based off of a rubric.
  • 4. Once and article has reached "A" status, the article could be protected so that only administration can edit the article, UNLESS, the article requires constant updates, such as the character articles, as we learn new information about the articles in each appearance. Transcripts and episode articles are likely to be protected, as there is little change required after an intense cleanup and review process.
  • 5. Once all articles have achieved "A" status, we will move on to the next set of categories.
  • Name and link to articles
  • Completion status (a grade will be given, as agreed upon by an editorial board). Grades will be based on A, B, C, D, or F and will follow some sort of rubric.
  • Link to revision and date of last assessment

Stage 4.1: Episode articles

This stage will involve the implementation of the guidelines for the episode articles.

Stage 4.2: Episode transcripts

Stage 4.3: Episode galleries

Stage 5: Assess and discuss

The final stage will involve assessment of the process and discussion as to where to move on from there.


I just wanted to note that I have had to cleanup hundreds of articles with the incorrect stub or links format. --
Bat JarleyPatrick Cher
15:59, November 12, 2012 (UTC)

I haven't exactly done as Bat, but I've done loads of cleanup for this wiki and it would be good to see more contributors to help cleanup. FrostyLemonTalk

Can someone tell me some article's in need of clean up ? DavebrayfbuTalk

See above. That is what this project is about. — AMK152 00:17, November 23, 2012 (UTC)
Um... Excuse me in articles in need of cleanup for over 1 year, like for instance there's an article in need of cleanup and was started in wait, wait 2011!

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