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Unofficial Guideline

This page documents an unoffocial Encyclopedia SpongeBobia guideline. While the things in this guideline have not been officially adopted by discussion, this is a general guideline to show editors how articles are formatted.

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This is an unofficial guideline for people (cast and crew members).


Each person must contain at least the following:

  • Infobox
  • Table of contents
  • Sections
  • Biography
  • Credits (table)
  • Trivia
  • References
  • External links (if any)



Use the following template as the infobox for all cast and crew members. Template can be found here: Template:Person

|name = <!--the person's name-->
|image = <!--an image of the person-->
|birth = <!--date and place-->
|death = <!--date and place if deceased-->
|gender = <!--male or female-->
|credits = <!--list their roles for the series-->
|portrays = <!--list those character(s) they portray-->
|years = <!--start and end year for the years they worked on/with the show; use "present" if they are current-->
|cast = <!--yes or no-->
|crew = <!--yes or no--> 


You can copy and paste the blank template below.

|name = 
|image = 
|birth = 
|death = 
|gender = 
|credits = 
|portrays = 
|years = 
|cast = 
|crew = 


The person should have a biography that also includes information about their role in the series. Also include other projects/series they have worked on.

Credit tables

Use the following template to create tables to list the credits of each cast and/or crew member(s). Insert the credit table after the "biography" section. If the person's credits exceeds more than 20, place those credits on a separate "credits" tab.

Top of table

Use the following at the very top of the table:


Body of table

Use the following before the credits of each season. Replace the "#" with the season number.


Use the following for each episode's credits. Replace the "#" with the production code, "Episode" with the title of the episode, and "Credit(s)" with any credits that person has with that particular episode.


Bottom of table

Use the following at the bottom of the template:


Blank template



If there is trivia about the person, list them in its own section. Try to keep the trivia incorporated into their biography.


The following categories are to be listed on all people pages:

The following categories are to be listed on all people credits subpages:

Any other categories may be removed unless a discussion officially adopts them to the guidelines.

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