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This guideline page outlines how we format places articles and is an unofficial guideline page. This is currently under construction.


Tab and Infobox

  • Each location article should contain the {{LTab}} template if they have more than 10 appearances. For those with less than 10 appearances, a separate "appearances" tab is not necessary. In that case, those location articles that require a separate gallery may use the {{LTab-gallery}} template.
  • Each location article contains an infobox. See Template:Location.
|name = 
|logo = 
|image = 
|designs =
|caption =
|industry = 
|foundation = 
|founder = 
|location = 
|address = 
|employment = 
|products = 
|subsid = 
|parent = 
|appearance = 
|first-appearance =
|latest-appearance = 


  • Head - a general description of the location. If there is very little information, there is no need to break the article down into multiple articles.
  • Section 1: "About"
  • Subsection: "Description" - description/purpose/etc.
  • Subsection: "Role in the series" or "Role in SpongeBob SquarePants"
  • Subsection: "History" - the history of the location
  • Subsection: "Associated characters" - employees, residents, etc.
  • Subsection: All additional subsections go after here. Don't delete any sections, just move them to the bottom of the about section.
  • Section 2: "References" - the references section
  • Section 3: "External links" - the external links section (if necessary)


To be added.

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