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Welcome to Encyclopedia SpongeBobia! This site is a wiki, a website that anyone can edit. You may wish to look at the Tutorial to find helpful information on how to use wikis. You are encouraged to add content to the articles, but be sure not to vandalize. Please note that you must have a Wikia account before you can edit.

This page serves as the starting point for all editors of this wiki. Here you will find to links of all kinds of resources, community news, and discussions. Use this page to help you find a place to help out!

Important links

Here you will find a list of important links to different places at Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (ESB). Use the navigation on the right to view our most important pages.

  • To follow the changes to this wiki, and to look out for new events and problem edits, use recent changes.
  • If you want to discuss anything about an article, you can use the talk pages.
  • For more general discussion, use the forum.
  • If you need help editing, you could start with the tutorial on the Central Wikia.

Current discussions

Main article: ESB:Discussions

The following proposals/discussions are currently open for community discussion. It is encouraged that everyone participate and give their feedback. Click the any of the links below to get to those discussions.

Important notes

The following are all notes regarding current projects on the wiki.

  • [project] Please try to find as many other SpongeBob wikis as possible and put them here.
  • [policy] Please be sure to review Encyclopedia's policy page for a list of rules to follow.
  • [cleanup] Please check currently established guidelines: episodes, transcripts, galleries, credits, home videos, video games, characters and cast and crew.
  • [project] Many subgalleries that still need to be created. Click here to learn how to format them.
  • [policy] Remember that the Manual of Style has been modified. Check it out to see the new revision, which involves placing character tabs on episode pages.
  • [cleanup] Episode articles are currently under assessment. Click here for the index to the assessment ratings. You can see the progress of the articles there and if you are a reviewer, you can start making the assessment. If you want to be a reviewer, contact AMK152.
  • [project] Some characters need your help, click here to check it out.
  • [project] All galleries from this category need more photos
  • [policy] The adding of fake birthdays/ages will result in an immediate and infinite ban.
  • [project] All transcripts from this category need to be completed.
  • [editing] All pages that should be constantly updated should be specified here.

Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box is a place where you can voice your ideas for ESB. If you have any ideas, be sure to let us know. Click here to give your ideas!

Current ideas

Main article: ESB:Suggestions

The following is a list of ideas that have been suggested, and their current status. Remember, every suggestion helps, so click the link to the above discussion to give your ideas!

See: ESB:Suggestions to see all the suggestions!

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