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Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast

It is highly visited


Answer the following questions to show that the article meets the requirements.

  • 1. Does this article follow all relevant guidelines? (see ESB:Guidelines) Yes
  • 2. Is the article free from spelling and grammar issues? Yes
  • 3. Is the article more than 3,000 bytes? (see history to find the size) Yes
  • 4. Is the article free from editing controversy? Yes
  • 5. Is the article of the highest quality? Yes
  • 6. Does the article have at least one high quality image? Yes



  • Oppose Oppose - Nothing to do with SpongeBob Austin Text


  • Neutral Neutral - I am not so sure yet. AMK152 (Wall • Contrib) 06:18, June 16, 2014 (UTC)
  • Neutral Neutral -'s a good article but I doesn't seem that visited to me now. Oie 1802857BzAW8Nqc ZeoSpark M COie 19185515x5HYgvvi (1)  19:43,6/16/2014 
  • Neutral Neutral leaning Oppose - Per above.  Nicko756 (MCE) Sign!-Patrick 13:54, September 17, 2014 (UTC) 


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