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Help Wanted

"Help Wanted," the first episode of the series, would be a great episode to start off as our first article of the month. The article is in great shape and is among the highest quality articles here.


Answer the following questions to show that the article meets the requirements.

  • 1. Does this article follow all relevant guidelines? (see ESB:Guidelines) Yes.
  • 2. Is the article free from spelling and grammar issues? Yes.
  • 3. Is the article more than 3,000 bytes? (see history to find the size) Yes.
  • 4. Is the article free from editing controversy? Yes.
  • 5. Is the article of the highest quality? Yes.
  • 6. Does the article have at least one high quality image? Yes.

AMK152 (Wall • Contrib) 15:00, June 10, 2014 (UTC)


  • Support Support - --JθE
  • Support Support - --User:Editmon I think the first episode and the first article of the mont are in sync. Besides, its the first episode, so it deserves it!
  • Support Support - First article and the first episode as the first nominee? Seems legit! Oie 1802857BzAW8Nqc ZeoSpark M COie 1803735YGCfTlCu  22:20,6/16/2014 
  • Support Support -  AW10  Talk  Contribs  E-Mail  12:28,7/6/2014 

  • Support Support - Per above. Nicko756's Signature 5 (WC)13:52, September 17, 2014 (UTC)




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