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Dwight T. Wad is a crab who appears in the episodes "Kracked Krabs," "Hello Bikini Bottom!," and "Lame and Fortune."


He is a round, overweight darkish-red crab with gray hair and light green eyes and black pupils. He wears a black suit and a blue tie.


"Kracked Krabs"

He is one of the three finalists, along with Mr. Krabs and Huford BargainBottom. In his video submission titled "Tying up Loose Ends," he is seen in the restroom, collecting stray pieces of toilet paper, and then tying them back onto the roll. His name is a pun on the word "tightwad," which means someone who is really cheap.

Oddly, Dwight T. Wad is technically the only one whose video displays cheapness, as cheapness is an unwillingness to part with money. Mr. Krabs' and Huford BargainBottom's actions would be considered cheating money out of customers, while Dwight T. Wad is actually being cheap when he ties together the old toilet paper pieces, rather than throwing them away.


Dwight T. Wad as seen in "Hello Bikini Bottom!"

"Hello Bikini Bottom!

He appears as a supermarket manager. He makes a bill for Mr. Krabs for having his band play at his store. He appears again at the end of the episode to collect his money from Mr. Krabs.

"Lame and Fortune"

He appears at Mr. Krabs' imaginary funeral.


  • It is possible that the surname "Wad" is a reference to the common phrase "wad of cash," meaning a bundle of money.
  • Also, the "T. Wad" portion of his name may be a reference to the phrase "tight wad," which means a cheapskate.


Title Role(s) in episode
Season 7
"Kracked Krabs" (tr) Debut
Season 8
"Hello Bikini Bottom!" (tr) Cameo
Season 9
"Lame and Fortune" (tr) Cameo
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