Dust collecting is a hobby that SpongeBob creates in the episode "I Had an Accident." It is a subsitute for jellyfishing.


The sport plays out similarly to jellyfishing, but with dust instead of jellyfish, as well as a smaller net. It involves one having to surround themselves around a dust-infested atmosphere and wave the net around to catch it.

Role in episode

After severely injuring his butt from a snowboarding accident, SpongeBob is concerned for his safety, since a second injury will result in being forced to suffer through the everlasting effects of the Iron Butt. Not helping this matter is him witnessing several Bikini Bottomites engaging in activities that could cause potential damage to the buttocks. Anxious, SpongeBob runs home and strongly refuses to go outside, as a mean to protect himself from receiving another injury.

During the montage of Patrick and Sandy convincing him to go outside by performing various fun activities in front of his window, the two are shown jellyfishing. SpongeBob singles them out for risking their lives and creates a substitute for the sport, dust collecting. He then proceeds to wave the tiny net around and catches a cloud of the particle.