Dullsville Senior Living is a hotel seen in the episode "Plankton Retires."



The exterior of the Dullsville Senior Living is shaped like an orange teapot, with a gray building attached to the back of the teapot. The building is surrounded by green grass, which is enclosed by a bamboo fence. There is a parking lot, and a sign that says "Dullsville Senior Living" next to the entrance of the parking lot.


Front Lobby

In the front lobby, there are purple walls and a blue wooden floor. There is a sign that says "Home Sweet Home" above the front entrance. There is a blue couch and a blue chair in one corner of the lobby, with a picture of a farm above the couch. There is a rocking chair, and an orange chair that is close to the tv in the lobby. There is a reception desk near the back of the lobby for visitors to check into.

Hotel Rooms

In the hotel rooms, there is a door entering from the hallway. There is a chair in the corner of the room, and a brown tv on a tv stand along one side of the wall. On the other side of the wall, there is a bed with yellow blankets and pillows. There is a lamp on a small nightstand. There is a ceiling fan attached to the ceiling. Towards the back of the hotel room, there is a restroom with a shower and a toilet in it. There is also an orange drawer next to the bathroom door with a green lamp next to it.

Role in the Series

The Dullsville Senior Living was the living place of Plankton when he decided to retire from the Chum Bucket. It also hosts many elderly citizens of Dullsville.

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