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Drinkable Sausage

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Drinkable Sausage
Drinkable Sausage - Patrick Holding - Model Sponge
Type: Drink
Appearance: "Model Sponge"

Drinkable Sausage is one of Patrick's favorite drinks. It makes its first and only appearance in the episode, "Model Sponge," where Patrick tries to cheer SpongeBob up. Patrick says that he sits back and relaxes while drinking it. It is a type of juice that tastes like sausage.


The Drinkable Sausage carton is a red and yellow carton with pictures of a sausage on each side. There is also a picture of a sausage with a straw in it.


  • When Patrick is showing the Drinkable Sausage, a pig squealing could be heard. This is partly because sausage is made from pork, or beef.
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