Dream/Daydream Squidward

Daydream Squidward as a Dancer

Sleepy Time 068

Dreaming squidward

Famous Daydream Squidward

Artist Unknown 047

Artist Unknown 048

Dream Squidward Wearing Date Clothes

Dream Squidward Wearing Wedding Outfit

Can You Spare a Dime? 33

Can You Spare a Dime? 34

Can You Spare a Dime? 35

Daydream Squidward Wearing Sunglasses

Daydream Squidward Wearing a Visor

Daydream Squidward Wearing Fancy Clothes

Daydream Squidward Wearing Fancy Clothes2

Daydream Squidward Wearing a Helmet

Dream Squidward with a Mustache and Hair

Old Daydream Squidward

Old Dream Squidward

Interests: Playing the clarinet
Occupation(s): Clarinetist
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Turquoise
Eye color: Red
Classification: Octopus
Series information
First appearance: "Culture Shock"
Latest appearance: "Unreal Estate"
Portrayer: Rodger Bumpass
List of characters

Dream Squidward, also known as Daydream Squidward, is the dream version of Squidward Tentacles.


Most Episodes

In most episodes, Dream and Daydream Squidward appear the same as Squidward.

"Sleepy Time"

In "Sleepy Time," Dream Squidward is known as Wolfgang Amadeus Tentacles. He is wearing a powdered wig, cravat, and overcoat. He is also playing the clarinet.


"Culture Shock"

Daydream Squidward makes a cameo in the Dance Now! magazine, when Squidward puts his head on the dancer.

"Sleepy Time"

Dream SpongeBob appears in Squidward's dream as Dream Squidward is playing the clarinet for the king. Dream SpongeBob gets Dream Squidward mad enough to make him break his clarinet. Dream SpongeBob makes himself into a clarinet, and it sounds much more beautiful to the king and the concert audience than Dream Squidward's old clarinet.

He appears in the end along with the other dream characters, yelling at Dream SpongeBob for ruining his dream.

"Just One Bite"

Dream Squidward is sitting in his living room, crying, when a huge Krabby Patty comes to the door. Dream Squidward starts kissing the Krabby Patty, when a montage of them dating, being wedded, having a kid and being old. It then turns out that Squidward was laying in his bed and it was all a dream.

"Suction Cup Symphony"

Daydream Squidward is sitting in a limousine with lots of fans applauding him. He then arrives at a concert hall where he is going to perform. He walks into the building with lots of fans taking pictures of him. He then performs his symphony, which then gets a round of applause from the audience. He then bows at the end of his symphony.

Sleepy Time 052
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