Not even in your dreams, Mr. SquarePants!
— Dream Mrs. Puff, "Sleepy Time"

Dream Mrs. Puff, also known as Daydream Mrs. Puff, is a character who appears in the episodes "Sleepy Time," "No Free Rides," and "Doing Time."


Dream Mrs. Puff looks like the normal Mrs. Puff, except that she is in a dream.


"Sleepy Time"

Dream Mrs. Puff appears tearing up SpongeBob's Dream Driver's License while she was flying, along with SpongeBob, over the Krusty Krab and farther.

"No Free Rides"

Daydream Mrs. Puff appears in a photo during the news broadcast part of Mrs. Puff's daydream.

"Doing Time"

This is Daydream Mrs. Puff's first major appearance as she appears throughout most, if not all of the episode.