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Did you think my shell was full of hot air?
— Dream Gary, "Sleepy Time"
Dream Gary

Dream Gary2

Dream Gary

Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Pink
Eye color: Red
Classification: Snail
Series information
First appearance: "MuscleBob BuffPants"
Latest appearance: "Sleepy Time"
Portrayer: Dee Bradley Baker
List of characters

Dream Gary, also known as Daydream Gary, is the dream version of Gary.


MuscleBob BuffPants

Daydream Gary briefly appears when SpongeBob daydreams about himself with muscles.

Sleepy Time

After being ejected from his dream, SpongeBob enters Gary's dream. Here, Dream Gary explains the theory of dreaming and tells him a short fairytale about a man from Peru who ate his shoe. SpongeBob then decides to go back to his own dream, and Dream Gary says to be careful.

I can turn into a skyscraper!
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"Octavius Rex, a.k.a. long, tan, and handsome!"
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