Dreaded Patrick is one of the three main antagonists in the video game Creature from the Krusty Krab. His main goal is to take over Bikini Bottom, rule an army and defeat the protagonist and his arch-enemy, Patrick Star, also known as Starfishman.


Unlike Patrick, who is shirtless and just wears green shorts with purple flowers, Dreaded Patrick wears a costume throughout the whole game that includes a belt, gloves and a suit. Also, unlike Patrick who is bald, Dreaded Patrick has hair. Like his servants, army, and other starfishes, he is also pink. He seems to also be unfit like Patrick, but that is ironic, due to his high jumps and fast running, he also has some wrinkles.

Dreaded Patrick seems to be older than Patrick, and he serves as an antagonist in the game. He rules an army of somewhat paper starfishes. His personality is quite like a happiness and humorous combination, for he does not get angry easily and he loves to laugh. His first evil plan was to take over Bikini Bottom.

He has the ability to jump at alarmingly high rates, which is useful for escaping. Everywhere he goes, he has an urge to place a poster of himself, so that he may recruit new people for his army and/or to admire himself. He only seems to appear when Starfishman is around. Dreaded Patrick's intelligence is generally high, and due to the evil schemes and great plans, he is also not extremely lazy unlike Patrick. Apparently, in the game, it is revealed that Dreaded Patrick lives in a secret base located nearby Town Hall in Bikini Bottom.

Dreaded Patrick DS

Dreaded Patrick in the DS version

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