Not to be confused with Purple Doctorfish.
This is the page about Dr. Gill Gilliam. If you were looking for the article about the dentist, then see Dr. Gill.

Dr. Gill Gilliam is a snail disease expert, and snail expert. He only appears in the episode "Once Bitten."


He is a light orange/peach fish who wears a white buttoned coat and light blue glasses with a light blue head mirror. He has light olive-green lips and (unlike many fish) he has arms and fingers just like SpongeBob.


He appears when everyone panics in the Krusty Krab about having Mad Snail Disease. He then explains to everyone that he is a S.D.E. And S.E. (snail disease expert and snail expert). Then he tells them that there is no such thing as Mad Snail Disease and that it is just a myth. To prove his point, he takes a "small" splinter out of Gary's foot, thereby curing Grouchy Snailitis.


  • The only time his full body is shown is when he is seen holding the giant splinter wood.
  • His appearance is similar to the Purple Doctorfish. The only two differences are that Dr. Gill Gilliam is light orange, and he has arms with hands instead of fins.

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