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Squid Doodle
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Doodle Jellyfish is a drawing of a jellyfish that is brought to life when SpongeBob draws it with the Magic Pencil. It appears in the episode "Frankendoodle," and in the online game Hero's Choice.


The Doodle Jellyfish is a plain drawing of a jellyfish. It has three circles on its body and three tentacles.



SpongeBob draws this jellyfish with the Magic Pencil. Patrick comments that "it's lacking basic construction," and that SpongeBob's perspective "leaves a lot to be desired." SpongeBob dislikes what Patrick has to say, while the Doodle Jellyfish comes to life, Patrick says that it's coming alive and SpongeBob appreciates this comment. Patrick then says it's swimming away while the Doodle Jellyfish floats away.

"SpongeBob Saves Bikini Bottom "

It appears as one of the enemies.

Hero's Choice

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  • This is one of three doodle creatures created in "Frankendoodle." The others are Squid Doodle and DoodleBob.