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The donkey only makes one appearance in the episode, "Christmas Who?"  The donkey appears when Squidward is realizing how big of a "Jerk" he was to SpongeBob after receiving his wooden clarinet.  The donkey appears after Squidward says, "I feel like a... I feel like a... I feel like a... [Donkey honks twice then disappears] ...big jerk!"


The donkey appears to have a dark brown shade of fur. It has a white muzzle with a white underside as well. There seems to be a white part on the upper part of the donkey's legs. It appears to have black hooves and a white reign. The donkey's tail is brown as well. When the donkey appears, the image is faded so you can see Squidward's reaction, and after honking twice fades away.


  • When Squidward feels guilty for bullying SpongeBob, he says "I feel like a..." and a picture of this donkey appears. This is a subliminal message that Squidward feels like a donkey. A similar instance of this joke being used is in "Fools in April."