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The Krusty Krab dishwasher is a dishwasher located in the Krusty Krab kitchen. It appears in the episodes "Scaredy Pants," "New Digs," and "The Krusty Plate."


In "Scaredy Pants," "The Krusty Plate," and "Gullible Pants" it appears as a hand wash. In "New Digs" it appears as an automatic conveyer belt wash.


"Scaredy Pants"

The dishwasher appears at the beginning of the episode when SpongeBob is seen using it during his night shift. As his surroundings start to spook him he washes all the dishes in the quickest amount of time possible and tells Mr. Krabs he'll be leaving.

"New Digs"

SpongeBob uses the dishwasher conveyer belt in the kitchen as a bathtub to clean the ketchup and mustard stains off his shirt. Squidward enters the kitchen, holding a bucket of dishes to insert into the dishwasher but then realizes it's jammed. He reaches in the machine to retrieve the dishes clogging the machine, only for SpongeBob to turn out to be bathing in there.

"The Krusty Plate"

It appears when SpongeBob says "Now everybody's all clean and ready for beddy-bye" to the dishes.

"Gullible Pants"

After Mr. Krabs thinks SpongeBob knows his secret about his split nail, he washes dishes and breaks said nail.

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