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Discount Grocery Mart

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Discount Grocery Mart
Industry: Supermarket
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Debbie Rechid
Appearance: "Penny Foolish"
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The Discount Grocery Mart is Mr. Krabs' favorite supermarket. It only appears in the episode "Penny Foolish."



There is a large sign displaying "Discount Grocery Mart" in red text. There are balloons on the sides of the sign. There are also two windows slightly above ground, a small glass door to enter, and the windows and doors are separated by brown slats. It has a similar resemblance to a basket, found in the store. The interior is designed like a regular grocery store.

Role in the series

Mr. Krabs brings coupons to the supermarket, but he later learns that the coupons had expired over 30 years ago.

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