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Dinner Defenders is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


The Krusty Krab has released a new thanksgiving recipe called the "Turkey Patty." Now Plankton and his cousins want to go after that new patty. Help SpongeBob and Gary protect the Turkey Patty by using a food weapon. To navigate SpongeBob, press the left or right arrow buttons on the keyboard. Gary follows along SpongeBob. Keep in mind that Gary is much slower than SpongeBob and can't always keep up. If you let SpongeBob continuously run, Gary will soon become offscreen and start meowing.

Plankton robots are coming out from the ground and attacking Gary! To defend the Plankton robots, use SpongeBob's food weapon and press the spacebar to shoot. Each robot requires a certain number of hits. When the player defeats a Plankton robot, you will clams which can be used in the shop at the end of a level. At top left side of the screen, it shows 2 percent bars. The first percentage bar shows how much energy Gary has and the second percentage bar shows the amount of ammo left in the food weapon. The first percentage bar go down when Gary is attacked and the second percentage bar goes down when SpongeBob shoots ammo out of the weapon. In order to regain the percentages, SpongeBob can enter random buildings to restore ammo or get snail food. Whenever SpongeBob is at a building door, the player can press the up arrow key to go inside or the down arrow to exit the building. Keep in mind that not all buildings can restore your percentage bars. Defeating the robots will give the players clams which can be used to purchase things in the shop. The level ends when the screen stops moving and player has ran far enough. Once, the level is complete the player may choose to enter the level or go to the shop. In the shop, the player may buy extra snail food or more ammo. The player may also buy a new weapon from the shop. When the player has more than 1 weapon, SpongeBob can switch between weapons by pressing the Z button. The game ends when Gary loses all his energy and Plankton finally gets the Turkey Patty.





SpongeBob SquarePants - Dinner Defenders

SpongeBob SquarePants - Dinner Defenders


  • At certain points of the game, Plankton himself shows up.
  • The code for this game is "turkey."
  • List of things the player can buy in the shop:
    • Snail Food
    • Sweet Pea Shooter Ammo
    • Mashed Potato Pelter Ammo
    • Cream Corn Cannon Ammo
    • Cornbread Bomber Ammo
    • Mashed Potato Pelter
    • Cream Corn Cannon
    • Cornbread Bomber
  • One of the robots resembles the robotic customer from "Plankton's Army."
  • One robot uses Plankton's shoes from his song in "Atlantis SquarePantis."
  • The Plankton robots from this game also appear in "Operation Holiday Hero."