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The Diner is a tug-boat restaurant that has been known to serve milk, hot chocolate, coffee, and other foods. It makes its first appearance in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II, right before Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy both get trapped by The Dirty Bubble.

Design and Features

This diner has the model of a regular diner. At one side of the diner, there are several tables and seats. On the other side is a counter and single-person seats. The kitchen is unseen, but there is a window like the one in the Krusty Krab where orders and dishes are exchanged. A jukebox is found at the end of the restaurant.



  • Diner Bacon
  • Diner's Fashionable Sunrise Desert
    Missing Identity 01
  • Diner Fried Chicken
  • Diner Fries
  • Diner Patty
  • Diner Spaghetti
  • Diner Orig' Pizza (Order only at 5:00pm. This is an ordinary subsidiarity time order, you can order this in a time)
  • Carbonara
  • Baby Back Ribs


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