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Derek Drymon
General Information
Born: 1968 (age 46)
Morristown, New Jersey, U.S.
Series Information
Years: 1999-2004
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Derek Drymon (born 1968) is an American writer and storyboard artist. He has worked on numerous Nickelodeon cartoon productions of the 1990s and 2000s, with the most popular show being SpongeBob SquarePants. He later went to Cartoon Network to work on several episodes of the show Adventure Time.


Drymon was born in Denville, New Jersey, a small town in far northern New Jersey in 1968. He attended Jefferson Township Public School as a child, and supposedly he enjoyed drawing and making comic books. Drymon graduated from Jefferson Township High School in 1987.[1] He attended the School of Visual Arts in New York to become an illustrator. After college, he was recruited by Disney feature animation for their internship program. Upon finishing the program he returned to New Jersey and then on to California.

Early Nickelodeon Years

Drymon was discovered by Nickelodeon in 1993. He moved to California to work as a storyboard artist for Nickelodeon. In 1994, Drymon also began working as a storyboard artist and writer for Rocko's Modern Life. It was here he met two of his future employers, Tim Hill and Stephen Hillenburg, Hill was a writer, Hillenburg a co-producer and storyboard artist.

Drymon worked on Tim Hill's side project, the popular Kablam! skit Action League Now! As a storyboard artist. He also wrote the Emmy nominated episode of CatDog, "Doggone."

In 1997, Drymon's former "Rocko" co-worker Stephen Hillenburg created SpongeBob SquarePants. Drymon performed a few duties on SpongeBob, including supervising director and producer, and eventually creative director. He has also help develop the series.

Diggs Tailwagger

Derek Drymon's new show Diggs Tailwagger was given a green light in 2007, but it never made it to fruition.


Episode Credit(s)
1a - "Help Wanted" Storyboard artist, writer, creative director
1b - "Reef Blower" Storyboard artist, writer, creative director
1c - "Tea at the Treedome" Creative director
2a - "Bubblestand" Writer, Creative director
2b - "Ripped Pants" Creative director
3a - "Jellyfishing" Creative director
3b - "Plankton!" Creative director
4a - "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" Creative director
4b - "Boating School" Creative director
5a - "Pizza Delivery" Creative director
5b - "Home Sweet Pineapple" Creative director
6a - "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" Creative director
6b - "Pickles" Creative director
7a - "Hall Monitor" Creative director
7b - "Jellyfish Jam" Creative director
8a - "Sandy's Rocket" Creative director
8b - "Squeaky Boots" Creative director
9a - "Nature Pants" Creative director
9b - "Opposite Day" Creative director
10a - "Culture Shock" Creative director
10b - "F.U.N." Creative director
11a - "MuscleBob BuffPants" Creative director
11b - "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost" Creative director
12a - "The Chaperone" Creative director
12b - "Employee of the Month" Creative director
13a - "Scaredy Pants" Creative director
13b - "I Was a Teenage Gary" Creative director
16a - "Valentine's Day" Creative director
18b - "Walking Small" Creative director
- "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie " Writer, Executive producer, Sequence director
List of episode credits


  1. ^ Jennings, Rob. "Jefferson native, SpongeBob go way back: Cartoonist an executive producer for animated film", Daily Record (Morristown), November 19, 2004. Accessed October 23, 2007. "But in Morristown, Drymon is perhaps best remembered as an offensive guard and defensive tackle on the high school's state championship football team in 1986.... At Morristown High School, when not playing football, Drymon was sketching comic books."

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