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List of places

The Department of Thoughts appears in the episode "Chum Bucket Supreme." It is a place in Patrick's brain.


It is shown that there are lots of Patrick's in the Department of Thoughts when Patrick can't read the Chum Bucket slogan, "Chum is Metabolic Fuel". By the time Patrick had his resignation, the Department of Thought was completely burned up and exploded, yet somehow Patrick was able to make a slogan when he was hired by Mr. Krabs.


The Department of Thoughts appears to be a building inside Patrick's brain (which appears to be purple). It has a blue sign on top that states the name and blue doors and stairs.


  • It is similar to SpongeBob's mind in "Squilliam Returns" where he has thousands of little SpongeBobs that also don't exist.
  • When all of the tiny Patricks are in peril they try to PUSH open the door, but the door clearly says PULL, showing how Patrick, and his mind Patricks, are not smart. 
  • The Patricks are wearing lab coats.
  • The Department Of Thoughts' name may be a parody of the "Department Of Mysteries" from Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.
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