Online game

Delivery Dilemma is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Plankton's Army." It is a racing game.


Help SpongeBob deliver ingredients to the Krusty Krab without running out of time and without getting run off the road by Plankton's minions.


  • Up Key = Accelerate
  • Left Key = Turn left
  • Right Key = Turn right
  • Down Key = Brake
  • Space Bar = Special attack

Power Ups

  • Pink Star on a purple background = Star Burst
  • Pickle on a green background = Pickles
  • Ink blot on a brown background = Fish Oil Spill
  • Clock on a pink background = Time Bonus





Spongebob Games Delivery Dilemma

Spongebob Games Delivery Dilemma


  • This game is similar to the Mario Kart games.
  • Sometimes, this has been confused with Decorating Dilemma, another online SpongeBob game.
  • Occasionally, a bridge above the road can be seen in gameplay.
  • Plankton's cousins are on the title screen, but may not be in the game. It is possible that they are the Plankton looking drivers or the drivers of the camouflage outfits.
  • SpongeBob is driving the Patty Wagon in this game.
  • The quote "Bring it around town!" from the episode "Bubblestand" is said by SpongeBob throughout this game.