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What are you looking at?
— Delicious Dairy Treat, "Roller Cowards"
Delicious Dairy Treat
Mr. Dairy Treat
Voiced by: Tom Kenny
Type: Food
Appearance: "Roller Cowards"
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The Delicious Dairy Treat is an ice cream that was bought and personified by SpongeBob in the episode "Roller Cowards." 


The Delicious Dairy Treat is a strawberry two-scoop ice cream cone. It has a thin and pointy wafer cone. SpongeBob seemed to be speaking the words he said and hitting himself with the ice cream, but it is revealed the ice cream could talk when SpongeBob left without it and someone else picked it up.


  • "What's the matter, SpongeBob?"
  • "Patrick's your best friend. You can't let him down."
  • "You wanna see scary? I'll show you scary!"
  • "You like that? You like that? Huh, you like that?"
  • "What are you looking at?"

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