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Deep Sea Surgeon is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Suds."


SpongeBob is feeling a little under the weather but Patrick is there to help him. Drag the objects through the maze of intestines to remove them from his pores and onto the trays. The player is given a health bar at the bottom of the screen. When trying to remove the object, the player is given a certain amount of time. If the timer runs out, the health meter goes down. Do not touch the edges or else you will hurt SpongeBob and the health meter goes down. Get rid of all the objects in order to reach the next level. As the maze gets more thin, it makes it harder to navigate. The game ends when the health meter is completely down.



SpongeBob Deep Sea Surgeon Game08:52

SpongeBob Deep Sea Surgeon Game


  • The objects inside of SpongeBob are:
    • Old Krabby Patty
    • Anchor
    • Treasure chest
    • Plankton
    • A pickle
    • Spatula
    • Picture frame with SpongeBob and Squidward
  • Squidward only appears on a picture frame with SpongeBob.
  • When the health meter goes down, SpongeBob's tone color changes.
  • Patrick is seen with tweezers on the title screen.

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