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Debbie Rechid [citation needed] is a violet fish who goes to Bikini Bottom High School. She first appears in the episode "Valentine's Day."


Debbie has light violet skin, blonde hair, lavender fins, and pink lips. She wears a white pearl necklace around her neck, a pink hairband, and a light pink dress with a pink skirt.

Role in series

"Have You Seen This Snail?"

She is seen in a restaurant in Bass Vegas, eating a burger with Fred.

"Good Neighbors"

After witnessing Squidward with red spots on his face (which in reality is just paint shot on him by SpongeBob), she and Frank believe him to be very sick and rush him to the hospital.

"Wishing You Well"

She appears when she wants to go to a wishing well with her boyfriend, Harold "Bill" Reginald, to throw a coin into it. This does not work though, since Mr. Krabs does not like that there is money in the wishing well. Mr. Krabs asks them what a wishing well is and Harold and Debbie tell him.

"Penny Foolish"

She scans and bags Mr. Krabs' groceries at Discount Grocery Mart.


  • "Thanks, uh... Oh. Well, you really should be wearing a name tag so I can thank you properly."— "Missing Identity"
  • "Look out! You must be very sick. Let us take you to the hospital." —"Good Neighbors"
  • "Think about the children!" — "Wishing You Well"
  • "Make a wish, dear." —"Wishing You Well"
  • "We're just tossing a coin and making a wish." —"Wishing You Well"
  • "Oh! He's got your hair!" —"Wigstruck"
  • "If I answer "Yes," will you leave the store sooner? —"Night Light"
  • "Mr. Handsome, can I have your autograph? No! Not in the book, on my retainer." —"The Two Faces of Squidward"
  • "Check on fiber." —"Penny Foolish"
  • "Okay sir, your change today is going to be exactly ten cents." —"Penny Foolish"
  • "Real-life conflict? For free?" —"Spongicus"
  • "Hey! Is my food here yet?" —"Gullible Pants"
  • "Pearl's got a boyfriend!" —"Tunnel of Glove"