The Dead Eye Jail is a prison located in Dead Eye Gulch, where Sheriff SpongeBuck brings Dead Eye Plankton to. It only appears in the episode "Pest of the West." This is possibly where Dead Eye Plankton did his time after being stepped on by SpongeBuck.



The interior of the jail is wooden, resembling its exterior design. Not much of the jail is explored, for only a wooden stage is shown, where Dead Eye Plankton is being stepped on by angry civilians.


The exterior of the jail is also wooden, with stakes of bamboo used as the poles for both the roof and the window. A porch or patio is lain out on the front of the building, with stairs laying it its midst. A tall door is pasted on the front of the building, and is a darker wood than the rest of the wood. On top of the building is a large sign, reading the name of the jail in giant letters.

Pest of the West (VE)

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