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Dead Eye Gulch

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Dead Eye Gulch was the name of Bikini Bottom at the time where Dead Eye Plankton owned most of it. The town appeared in the episode Pest of the West. Until Dead Eye Plankton came, it was called Bikini Gulch.


It is unknown when the settlement was established. During the western days an Easterner, Dead Eye Plankton, ravaged the town of its property and assumed ownership of each building until only the Krusty Kantina remained. When SpongeBuck arrived in town for a fry cook job, he was unwillingly appointed as sheriff. However, when he actually did defeat Dead Eye, Dead Eye Gulch returned to Bikini Gulch and developed to its modern structure.

There were only nine establishments running at the time.

Points of Interest


  • Old Dead Tree Hill- This was a cemetery where they buried all the past sheriffs. Unfortunately, this cemetery was full.
  • A cemetery hill mentioned in a magazine released for Pest of the West. Legend has it that you'll end up buried there, if you bump into a tombstone.
  • Boot Hill- This was another cemetery built where they buried all the past sheriffs.

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