The Dance A Thon Trophy (alternatively spelled Dance-A-Thon Trophy) is a trophy that Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick want to win in the episode "Slimy Dancing."

Squidward wants to win the trophy and he once again brags to SpongeBob and Patrick about winning the Dance-A-Thon, but Patrick wins it for his new dance, The Cramp.


It is a typical golden trophy with handles and has "Bikini Bottom Dance A Thon" engraved into it.

Role in episode

Squidward builds a trophy case because he believes that he will win the Dance-A-Thon, but SpongeBob and Patrick are after the victory too. Squidward vows to win the trophy in their face. He does not make the audition, but SpongeBob and Patrick do.

Squidward makes an attempt to steal the trophy, but after a fight over it, he gets kicked out of the building instead.

He cries on the way home, but is annoyed when SpongeBob and Patrick welcome him with a piece of bamboo for limbo dancing. Squidward almost cries again when they mention the audition, but he lies and says he is so great that he was banned from the competition. Patrick then mentions that he should start tearing down the trophy case when Squidward refuses to teach them how to dance for the finals.

Squidward soon agrees to teach them, but Patrick gets a cramp and rolls out of the house. Squidward then gets fused together with SpongeBob and decides to cheat in the competition by controlling SpongeBob to dance so that the latter will win and he can keep the trophy.

However, when SpongeBob wins the trophy the next day because Squidward gets a cramp the same way Patrick did, he is disqualified when Squidward is discovered.

Squidward then loses to Patrick, whose cramp they took as him dancing, and because he is the only dancer who did not cheat.