The cricket is a live-action character in the episode "Squirrel Jokes," and an animated character in the episode "To Save a Squirrel."


"Squirrel Jokes"

It is a normal black cricket.

"To Save a Squirrel"

It is a green cricket with a yellow underbelly, little cartoon eyes, and a scuba diver helmet.

Role in series

"Squirrel Jokes"

When SpongeBob tells a bad joke, the cricket appears, and starts chirping. The cricket is used as a joke to say how bored the audience is. SpongeBob tells another bad joke, and the cricket doesn't chirp because that one was even worse.

"To Save A Squirrel"

It scares SpongeBob and Patrick because they think it is a "beast." Sandy then brings the "beast" back to the surface via bubble.