The Creepy Crawly Were-Clown was a robot clown that appeared in "Tunnel of Glove." It crawled out of the wreckage of the tunnel. It scared Nancy, Debbie, and SpongeBob badly.


The robot's face is teal, and its body is light and dark blue. The clown has orange hair on both sides of his metal head. It has light yellow eyes and crawls on all four limbs. The robot has red lips and somewhat crooked teeth. He starts to crawl towards SpongeBob, Nancy, and Debbie, but apparently never reaches them because once Pearl takes the picture, he is gone.


SpongeBob continues to mention crawly clowns throughout "Tunnel of Glove," until, eventually, a broken clown emerges from the wreckage and begins to crawl towards SpongeBob, who yells "Crawly clown!" repeatedly.


  • "Heh-heh, howdy, kids!"