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Cowfish Craig is a character featured in the video game Employee of the Month.


He is light purple and is a "cowfish" who lives in a small shack and lives in Waverly Hills in Bottom's Up! He is a friend of Sandy and used to live in Texas.


Craig lived in his shack and owned his land before Waverly Hills was built around him. His neighbors do not like him because of his low living standards that decrease the property values. Craig, on the other hand does not believe in luxuries or titles as he believes "a humble man is a happy man." When SpongeBob asks about Carlton Ritts' stolen coconut, Cowfish explains that he did not "steal" the coconut and that the tree was hanging over his fence dropping coconuts on his property. He took only one to prove a point to Carlton. He reluctantly gives SpongeBob the golden coconut in exchange for a normal coconut to use as a paperweight.

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