Cooking Supplies is a supply store seen in the episode "You Don't Know Sponge." It sells kitchen cooking supplies. SpongeBob found Patrick in here with Larry the Lobster and thought they were best friends.



The building resembles a giant light pink colored mitten with a ships' steering wheel on it that says "Cooking Supplies" with a fork, knife, and a spoon. Various cooking supplies can be found here including graters, cooking pots, and blenders.

Role in episode

In the episode, SpongeBob is spying on Patrick, due to curiosity, when Patrick suddenly enters the Cooking Supplies supply store along with Larry the Lobster. SpongeBob enters the shop and hides inside of a blender. SpongeBob then notices that Patrick is shopping for cooking supplies and claims that it is rather suspicious. Patrick then approaches the blender and turns it on causing SpongeBob to be liquefied. Patrick then exits the shop, ending the segment.

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