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Command Module

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Command Module
Komputer Overload 17
Type: Robot
Appearance: "Komputer Overload"
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The Command Module is a device that Plankton made to impress Karen, and to try to replace her. The hairdryer on it has a built-in flame-thrower. The module has only been seen in the episode "Komputer Overload."


The Module disliked other robots and attempted to demolish them, but later, the robots combine into one robotic mayhem machine for Plankton to control, with the Module in the top section. At the end, since the giant robot is connected to a plug and eventually came closer to the Krusty Krab, the plug came off, thus, the robot toppled and fell, leaving Command Module and the others destroyed, ending Plankton's evil plan to steal the formula.


The Command Module is an old blue hair drier taped to the back of a miniature windmill with sharp blades, that spin very fast.


  • The hair dryer should have fallen off, since it was only taped, and would be much heavier.

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