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Comic Walk
General Information
Composer(s): Nicolas Carr
Sidney Torch
List of associated production music

Comic Walk was composed by Sidney Torch. There are two versions of this cue used on the show; One composed by Sidney Torch, which is mainly associated with Squidward, and another composed by Nicolas Carr.


Comic Walk (Sidney Torch Version)

Comic Walk
# Episode Scene
Season 2
026 Squidville Squidward gets into an argument with another Squidward; SpongeBob speaks gibberish to Squidward on the phone; "A well thought out and organized list of complaints."
030 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic "Look, I won't let the guy join the club."
031 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III Goodness lesson #1; Goodness lesson #2; Patrick in a wheelchair.
034 Frankendoodle Squid Drawing comes to life; SpongeBob creates DoodleBob.
035 Band Geeks "I hear you're playing the cash register now."; "I just wanted to watch you blow it."
036 Krusty Love SpongeBob goes on a swearing spree towards Mr. Krabs and angrily storms home to his pineapple.
037 Artist Unknown Squidward scolds SpongeBob because of all his hard work.
Season 3
042 Club SpongeBob Squidward walks away from SpongeBob and Patrick as they sit around and do nothing.
My Pretty Seahorse Squidward explains what he and SpongeBob do at work.
043 Just One Bite "...horrible, putrid, poorly prepared, vile, unappetizing, disgusting excuse for a sandwich that has ever been my displeasure to have slithered down my throat!"
044 Nasty Patty "Listen, he ate it!"
Idiot Box Squidward becomes annoyed when he opens the box and doesn't hear or see anything suspicious.
045 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV "I could just hold onto it until after work!"
046 Snowball Effect "Snowball fights are for immature children."
048 Squilliam Returns "Oh, just succeeding in everything you failed in."
052 Chocolate with Nuts Squidward takes the issue of Fancy Living Digest out of SpongeBob's hands.
060 Pranks a Lot "Well, well, well if it Isn't SpongeBob and Patrick!"
Season 4
062 The Lost Mattress "What a dump!"
063 Have You Seen This Snail? "What are those Neanderthals up to? Don't they know I'm busy spoiling myself?"
064 Skill Crane "You didn't win the prize?"
Good Neighbors Squidward finds out that it is already noon.
065 Funny Pants "This could be my chance."
067 Enemy In-Law "This delectable creature is your mother?"
069 Krusty Towers "Fine, let's go, Patrick."; Suitcase full of rocks.
070 Ghost Host Squidward tells SpongeBob that he doesn't believe in ghosts.
072 All That Glitters "I would not dare touch such slop as zees, how you say, Krabby Patty!"
Wishing You Well Krabs spots the boy throwing a coin into the well.
073 Once Bitten "Snail trail..."
076 The Thing Squidward rides away on his bike; SpongeBob, Smellie, and Patrick walk in a sewer.
079 Squid Wood SpongeBob won't stop pestering Squidward.
080 The Gift of Gum Squidward opens his window and is thrown out by Gummy.
Season 5
081 Friend or Foe "Meanwhile, Plankton was back at the elementary school but this time, he was going alone"
082 Night Light "It's me, Squidward."
083 Waiting "All right, what's going on? Why are you two crying?"
084 Good Ol' Whatshisname "This is gonna be so easy."
086 Bucket Sweet Bucket Plankton climbs up the ladder; "Everybody's a critic."
087 To Love a Patty Squidward taunts SpongeBob.
Breath of Fresh Squidward Squidward gets mad at SpongeBob and Patrick for being in his house; "Wow, SpongeBob, you've been Employee of the Month a gazillion times."
088 Slimy Dancing "If those two nitwits made it, then I'm a shoo-in"; Squidward in SpongeBob's body.
091 Goo Goo Gas "What the heck happened to you?"; Plankton squirts SpongeBob with senior citizen spray.
Le Big Switch Squidward gets up.
095 To Save a Squirrel SpongeBob and Patrick realize that they're going to be stuck in the cave forever.
098 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? Squidward has a nightmare in bed; Squidward tells SpongeBob not to disturb his sleep.
Season 6
101 House Fancy Squilliam calls Squidward from television.
Krabby Road Squidward arrives.
103 Suction Cup Symphony "SpongeBob, can you keep it down?"
104 Not Normal "What could you possibly be trying to do this time?!"; "...and then there's you"
114 Dear Vikings "Hold it right there, whiskers!"
115 Cephalopod Lodge SpongeBob explains.
116 Squid's Visit "Before you ask me that question, ask yourself this: Why would I leave the comfort of my home for your dirty little hovel?"
125 Pineapple Fever "I told you creatures I was trying to take a nap over here!"
Season 7
127 I ♥ Dancing "We're gonna work on your routine until you get it right!"
128 Growth Spout "Not so fast!"
130 Greasy Buffoons Plankton tells the health inspector that it was Mr. Krabs' idea.
145 Buried in Time "I will allow some seriously ridiculous items today, but this is where I draw the line. Do you understa-"
151 Love That Squid Squidward yells at SpongeBob.
Season 8
176 Chum Fricassee Grandma Tentacles explains to Squidward about the rules of Chum Fricassee.
Season 9
189 SpongeBob You're Fired

Mr. Weenier shows SpongeBob the kitchen.

Season 10
205 Mermaid Pants Squidward laughs at Mr. Krabs.

Comic Walk (Nicolas Carr Version)

Comic Walk (Nicolas Carr)
# Episode Scene
Season 6
105 The Splinter SpongeBob tries to get the spatula down.
112 Porous Pockets Patrick does "the slimelich maneuver."
Choir Boys SpongeBob wants to join the choir.
113 Krusty Krushers "Oh, did you need something, Mr. Krabs?"
114 Dear Vikings "Of course they do."
116 Squid's Visit "Not on the rug!"
To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants Squidward pretends that he doesn't know who SpongeBob is.
118 Komputer Overload "Okay, here we go! Are you going to make me get the picture down again?"
119 Gullible Pants "Naptime's over, Squidward."; Squidward goes back to sleep.
Overbooked Sandy catches SpongeBob opening her toolbox.
122 Chum Bucket Supreme Patrick and Plankton have a board meeting.
Season 7
127 Tentacle-Vision Squidward gets upset when he finds out "Fab and Fancy" is cancelled; Squidward calls in to Zeus the Guitar Lord.
I ♥ Dancing Squidward gets an idea.
129 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy "Sandy" continues trying to put the bun on the patty.
130 Greasy Buffoons "It reeks... but it tastes delicious!"
134 SpongeBob's Last Stand "I'm sorry, SpongeBob."
141 The Main Drain Plankton says that there is no main drain.
146 The Abrasive Side The abrasive side insults Squidward.
Earworm SpongeBob mops the floor.

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