Comic Walk was composed by Sidney Torch. There are two versions of this cue used on the show; One composed by Sidney Torch, which is mainly associated with Squidward, and another composed by Nicolas Carr.


Sidney Torch version

  • 26b. "Squidville" - Squidward gets into an argument with another Squidward; SpongeBob speaks gibberish to Squidward on the phone; "A well thought out and organized list of complaints."
  • 30b. "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" - "Look, I won't let the guy join the club."
  • 31a. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III" - Goodness lesson #1; Goodness lesson #2; Patrick in a wheelchair.
  • 34b. "Frankendoodle" - Squid Drawing comes to life; SpongeBob creates DoodleBob.
  • 35b. "Band Geeks" - "I hear you're playing the cash register now."; "I just wanted to watch you blow it."
  • 36b. "Krusty Love" - SpongeBob goes on a swearing spree towards Mr. Krabs and angrily storms home to his pineapple.
  • 38b. "Artist Unknown" - Squidward scolds SpongeBob because of all his hard work.
  • 42a. "Club SpongeBob" - Squidward walks away from SpongeBob and Patrick as they sit around and do nothing.
  • 42b. "My Pretty Seahorse" - Squidward explains what he and SpongeBob do at work.
  • 43a. "Just One Bite" - "horrible, putrid, poorly prepared, vile"
  • 44a. "Nasty Patty" - "Listen, he ate it!"
  • 44b. "Idiot Box" - Squidward becomes annoyed when he opens the box and doesn't hear or see anything suspicious.
  • 45a. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV" - "I could just hold onto it until after work!"
  • 46a. "Snowball Effect" - "Snowball fights are for immature children."
  • 48b. "Squilliam Returns" - "Oh, just succeeding in everything you failed in."
  • 52a. "Chocolate with Nuts" - Squidward takes the issue of Fancy Living Digest out of SpongeBob's hands.
  • 60b. "Pranks a Lot" - "Well, well, well if it isn't SpongeBob and Patrick!"
  • 62a. "The Lost Mattress" - "What a dump!"
  • 63. "Have You Seen This Snail?" - "What are those Neanderthals up to? Don't they know I'm busy spoiling myself?"
  • 64a. "Skill Crane" - "You didn't win the prize?"
  • 64b. "Good Neighbors" - Squidward finds out that it is already noon.
  • 65b. "Funny Pants" - "This could be my chance."
  • 67a. "Enemy In-Law" - "This delectable creature is your mother?"
  • 69a. "Krusty Towers" - "Fine, let's go, Patrick."; Suitcase full of rocks.
  • 70b. "Ghost Host" - Squidward tells SpongeBob that he doesn't believe in ghosts.
  • 72a. "All That Glitters" - "I would not dare touch such slop as zees, how you say, Krabby Patty!"
  • 72b. "Wishing You Well" - Krabs spots the boy throwing a coin into the well.(higher pitch)
  • 73b. "Once Bitten" - "Snail trail"
  • 76a. "The Thing" - Squidward rides away on his bike; SpongeBob, Smellie, and Patrick walk in a sewer.
  • 79b. "Squid Wood" - SpongeBob won't stop pestering Squidward.
  • 80b. "The Gift of Gum" - Squidward opens his window.
  • 81. "Friend or Foe" - "Meanwhile, Plankton was back at the elementary school"
  • 82b. "Night Light" - "It's me, Squidward."
  • 83b. "Waiting" - "All right, what's going on? Why are you two crying?"
  • 84c. "Good Ol' Whatshisname" - "This is gonna be so easy."
  • 86b. "Bucket Sweet Bucket" - Plankton climbs up the ladder; "Everybody's a critic."
  • 87a. "To Love a Patty" - Squidward taunts SpongeBob.
  • 87b. "Breath of Fresh Squidward" - Squidward gets mad at SpongeBob and Patrick for being in his house; "Wow, SpongeBob, you've been Employee of the Month a gazillion times."
  • 88c. "Slimy Dancing" - "If those two nitwits made it, then I'm a shoo-in"; Squidward in SpongeBob's body.
  • 91a. "Goo Goo Gas" - "What the heck happened to you?"; Plankton squirts SpongeBob with senior citizen spray.
  • 91b. "Le Big Switch" - Squidward gets up.
  • 95b. "To Save a Squirrel" - SpongeBob and Patrick realize that they're going to be stuck in the cave forever.
  • 98. "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" - Squidward has a nightmare in bed; Squidward tells SpongeBob not to disturb his sleep.
  • 101a. "House Fancy" - Squilliam calls Squidward from television.
  • 101b. "Krabby Road" - Squidward arrives.
  • 103b. "Suction Cup Symphony" - "SpongeBob, can you keep it down?"
  • 104a. "Not Normal" - "What could you possibly be trying to do this time?!"; "...and then there's you"
  • 114a. "Dear Vikings" - "Hold it right there, whiskers!"
  • 115b. "Cephalopod Lodge" - SpongeBob explains.
  • 116a. "Squid's Visit" - "Before you ask me that question, ask yourself this: Why would I leave the comfort of my home for your dirty little hovel?"
  • 125a. "Pineapple Fever" - "I told you creatures I was trying to take a nap over here!"
  • 127b. "I ♥ Dancing" - "We're gonna work on your routine until you get it right!"
  • 128a. "Growth Spout" - "Not so fast!"
  • 130a. "Greasy Buffoons" - Plankton tells the health inspector that it was Mr. Krabs' idea.
  • 145a. "Buried in Time" - "I will allow some seriously ridiculous items today, but this is where I draw the line."
  • 151b. "Love That Squid" - Squidward yells at SpongeBob.
  • 176b. "Chum Fricassee" - Grandma Tentacles explains to Squidward about the rules of Chum Fricassee.
  • 189. "SpongeBob You're Fired" - Mr. Weenier shows SpongeBob the kitchen.
  • 205b. "Mermaid Pants" - Squidward laughs at Mr. Krabs.
  • 206a. "Unreal Estate" - Squidward puts pepper into SpongeBob's bedroom.
  • 212a. "The Incredible Shrinking Sponge" - Krabs doesn't let SpongeBob to work in the kitchen because of his size. (Low pitched)
  • 213b. "Lost and Found" - Little kid crying at the Krusty Krab.

Nicolas Carr version

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