Clown Frown is a plush toy that SpongeBob wins from the skill crane in the episode of the same name.


The hat, collar, rings, and buttons are pale yellow. The nose, skin, and flower appear in dark and light purple, and the shirt appears in light red. His two eyes are two black crosses, and his mouth is white with a large, black smile on his face.

Role in episode

SpongeBob places Clown Frown back into the machine to be with the other toys because getting two toys in one-quarter is not fair to him, but SpongeBob hears Clown Frown say that he wants to sit with Lovely Lion, so SpongeBob has an octopus toy switch places with Clown Frown.


  • Despite having the word "frown" in its name, the toy has a smile on its face.
  • His voice is a honking sound, resembling the fact that a clown's nose can be squeezed to make one.