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Classroom Cupid is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Valentine's Day."


It's Valentine's Day at Mrs. Puff's Boating School and SpongeBob is being portrayed as Cupid. The player must help SpongeBob go around the hallways of boating school to give out Valentine's Day cards to the student anchovies. While going through the hallway, SpongeBob holds a bow with a toilet plunger and is ready to hand out Valentine's Day cards. SpongeBob only has 3 lives in the game. Use the arrow keys to move SpongeBob around the hallway. Press the left arrow key or the right arrow key to move SpongeBob in either direction. Pressing the up arrow key makes SpongeBob move faster and pressing the down arrow key slows down SpongeBob. Along the sides of the school hallway are anchovies. Each anchovy is colored red or blue. To give the anchovies the right Valentine's Day cards, press the z key to shoot out blue Valentine's Day cards and the x key to shoot out red Valentine's Day cards. Seeing as the anchovies are colored blue or red, be sure to give out Valentine's Day cards that match with their body colors to gain points. If you give anchovies the wrong colored Valentine's Day cards, the anchovies will cry, and you will lose points. Remember that you only have a certain amount of Valentine shots. If SpongeBob runs out and needs more Valentine shots, try to find Patrick Star. If the player touches Patrick, he gives you five extra Valentine shots. At the bottom of the game screen, it tells you how much Ft. you're away from reaching the next level. You also gain an extra life when reaching the next level. Be sure to watch out for Jellyfish that move around in the hallway. If you touch a jellyfish, SpongeBob will get stung, and you will lose a life. However, if you entered the correct code, life pickups become enabled for if the player has lost a life. If the player has entered the code and loses 1 or 2 lives, try to find Squidward Tentacles who has an extra life for you. The game ends when SpongeBob loses all 3 lives.


Playable characters

Non-playable characters


SpongeBob - Classroom Cupid

SpongeBob - Classroom Cupid


  • On the title screen, it shows a Valentine's Day themed background of Mrs. Puff's Boating School.
  • Although the game is called Classroom Cupid, the game takes place in a large hallway.
  • If you enter the code "Valentine," life pickups will be enabled.
    • This code will also make Squidward appear in the game as the life pickup.
  • The jellyfish in this game have hearts instead of the usual spots on their heads.
  • Hearts and oxox's are seen on the game over screen.
  • SpongeBob is wearing his Cupid outfit in this game.