Clamu is a pearl oyster, said by SpongeBob to be the largest oyster held in captivity. She first appears in the episode "The Smoking Peanut" and is portrayed by Frank Welker.


Clamu is a dark purple pearl oyster with periwinkle lips. She has a pink-red tongue and some dark purple spots on her shell.


Clamu is a pearl oyster at the Bikini Bottom Zoo who regularly performs tricks for visitors. The most popular trick she performs is spitting a pearl 100 feet into the air.


Clamu is emotional when her baby was stolen. Though, when unprovoked, she is calm and known to do tricks.


"The Smoking Peanut"

SpongeBob goes to the zoo on The Bikini Bottom Annual Free Day and goes to the Oyster Stadium, where Clamu is sleeping. SpongeBob wants to see her perform tricks, so to wake her up, he throws a sea peanut at Clamu, causing her to wake up and start wailing loudly. She also throws one of her trainers, Joe, out of the Oyster Stadium. Her crying can be heard all around the world, even on the surface.

SpongeBob feels guilty of causing Clamu to feel so bad, especially when Patrick is arrested instead of him. At the end, however, it is revealed that the person who really caused her distress is Mr. Krabs, who stole her egg, believing it to be a pearl, and free to take on Free Day. Fortunately, a zookeeper reclaims the egg and gives it back to Clamu.

The egg then hatches, officially making her a mother. The citizens then angrily throw peanuts at Mr. Krabs for stealing the baby clam.

Sponge Star Patrick Pants

Clamu returns in this game as the owner of a shop, where SpongeBob can trade pearls for upgrades to his weapons and his ability to throw rocks, or for clothing.


  • Clamu's name is a parody of SeaWorld's popular orca whale, Shamu.
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