This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants House Worming short "Clam Up!," which aired on February 25, 2017.

  • [Episode opens up with Prickles the Worm coming out of his bean can house.]
  • [Prickles jumps on a mousetrap, and starts suntanning while drinking a glass of lemonade.]
  • [A noisy clam is on a piece of coral above the mousetrap, he starts making noises and shades Prickles.]
  • [Prickles angrily moves the mousetrap elsewhere, and starts suntanning again, before being interrupted by the clam's loud noises.]
  • [Prickles then throws a boot at the clam and starts suntanning again.]
  • [The clam sneaks up behind Prickles and continues to make loud noises, causing Prickles to get caught in the mousetrap.]
  • [The scene re-opens with Prickles cooking beans on a smoking pipe.]
  • [The clam is back on the piece of coral, and then he smells the beans, and licks his lips.]
  • [The clam is then seen spitting on Prickles while behind the smoking pipe. The clam then jumps on the end of the pipe, causing the beans to fly into his mouth.]
  • [Prickles then gets very angry, before being kissed on the nose by the clam. The clam flies away.]
  • [Prickles then rips his clothes off and starts screaming. Fish are seen walking by Prickles without even noticing him.]
  • [The scene re-opens with Prickles creating a trail of beans leading up to his bean can house.]
  • [The clam follows the trail, and he goes right into the bean can house. Prickles then lock him in with the lid, puts a stamp on the bean can house addressed to Timbuktu, and drops the can into the bag of a nearby mailfish.]
  • [Prickles then realizes that he gave up his house for that, and the scene re-opens at night with Prickles holding a hobo sack with an olive inside it.]
  • [Prickles sees scraps of paper everywhere before seeing a maimed mailfish with an opened can on his butt.]
  • [Prickles turns around and sees an angry clam. Prickles is frightened, and he attempts to hide from him in a piece of coral.]
  • [After losing the clam, Prickles sneaks to SpongeBob's house, goes on his window, and the scene closes with the worm happily pointing at SpongeBob.]