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General information
Interests: Attacking
Physical appearance
Color: Gray
Eye color: Blue
Employer: Plankton
Enemies: Set target
First appearance: "Enemy In-Law"
Latest appearance: "Enemy In-Law"
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The Chumbot is a robot that only appears in the episode, "Enemy In-Law." Its name similar with characters of Tekken, Combot.


Plankton used it to bring the people to the Chum Bucket, but left angrily when Plankton captures them to be demanded to eat there. The Robot is so tough that its fist can break a huge rock in small pieces. The Robot is seen again at the end of the episode showing that he might be in love with Betsy, then he waited in the car. He also has laser eyes, which he uses to spell an "I love you." to Betsy Krabs.


He is silver, and has antennas (like Plankton). He is just like Plankton, but a robot and really much larger.

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