This is the page about Chum Patties. If you were looking for the article about the other meal, then see Chummy Patties.
Chum Patties
Other names: Chumwiches
Producer: Chum Bucket
Type: Food
Appearance: "20,000 Patties Under the Sea"
List of objects

Chum Patties (called Chumwiches by SpongeBob) are patties with Plankton's Chum on it.


They look like a Krabby Patty except the meat looks like a multi-colored organ. The chum is different from others. Similar items to the chum patty are Chummy Joes, and Chum on a Stick. Even if the Chum Patty were to appear in another episode, they would look different from the ones from this episode.


They appeared in the episode "20,000 Patties Under the Sea" in the scene with the giant abyss monster. The Chum Patty has not appeared in any other episodes since. The Chum Patty can only be digested by the abyss monster.

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