Chum Nuggets
Producer: Chum Bucket
Type: Food
First appearance: "Chum Bucket Supreme"
Latest appearance: "Drive Thru"
List of objects

Chum Nuggets are small oval-shaped chunks of chum sold in the Chum Bucket. They resemble Chicken McNuggets from the real life fast food restaurant McDonald's, but they are made of chum, and not chicken, and are a parody of chicken nuggets. People eat them out of love for something, (the decor, or the slogan) but not necessarily for their strange taste. A machine tube dispenses chum into a small polystyrene foam container commonly used for takeout at restaurants. They appear in the episodes, "Chum Bucket Supreme," "Chum Caverns," and "Drive Thru."

Role in series

"Chum Bucket Supreme"

Plankton's sign, "Chum is Fum" attracted a lot of customers. As in Chum Caverns, people couldn't resist the name of the slogan, and continued to eat chum nuggets despite it's repulsive taste.

"Chum Caverns"

People hated the taste, but due to the decor of the Chum Caverns, they couldn't resist spending money, and eating the chum nuggets.

"Drive Thru"

Plankton offers some chum nuggets to impatient costumers waiting in line for the Krusty Krab drive thru, but after an old fish runs over him twice, Plankton then says, "Chum Nuggets. Get them before... my arm falls off."


  • SpongeBob ordered chum nuggets for Patrick while he was at the Chum Caverns. However, Patrick ate his chum nuggets because he was hungry.
  • They are a parody of chicken nuggets.
  • They resemble chicken nuggets from McDonald's, but they are made of chum, and not chicken.

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