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Chum Fricassee (food)

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Chum Fricassee food
First appearance: "Chum Fricassee"
Latest appearance: "Chum Fricassee"

Chum Fricassee (pronounced free-ca-see) was one of many chum-related foods sold at the Chum Bucket. It only appears in the episode with the same name, "Chum Fricassee." It was invented, and served by Squidward.


The food must then be cooked for no longer or shorter than 24 hours.


The Chum Fricassee was first created after Squidward quit his job at the Krusty Krab, due to Mr. Krabs taunting him about running a restaurant. To prove him wrong, he decides to go and work at the Chum Bucket to perfect Plankton's chum. Squidward creates a mass of chum, and then has Plankton taste it to much success. Shortly after becoming publicly available, Squidward and the Fricassee rose to fame, with Squidward being featured on television and even in magazines. With all the success the Chum Bucket was having, the Krusty Krab couldn't compete, and Plankton taunted Mr. Krabs about how he had a secret formula of his own.

Everything was going well, until Grandma Tentacles stormed into the Chum Bucket, furious about Squidward using her secret recipe. Squidward, who told Plankton to cook the Chum Fricassee for exactly 24 hours, forced him to undercook it in order to get it out quicker. According to Grandma Tentacles, if the chum is not cooked for exactly 24 hours, it will leave people with an upset stomach. (Tummy Trouble). The angry customers then started a riot, and burned down the Chum Bucket after hearing that they were eating undercooked food. After these events, the Chum Fricassee is no longer sold.


  • The Chum Fricassee is the second chum food to have an episode named after it. The first was the "Chum Bucket Supreme."
  • The word "fricassee" means "to fry or roast" in French, which means that Chum Fricassee could be translated to "Fried Chum" or "Roasted Chum."
  • The Chum Fricassee is the only chum food item that tasted delicious. The Chummy Patties from the episode "Greasy Buffoons" also tasted delicious, but they had edible flavor from the grease.
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