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Chum Coliseum

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Chum Coliseum
Chum Colisium
Industry: Coliseum
Founder: Sheldon J. Plankton
Employment: Sheldon J. Plankton (manager)
Products: Chum Food
Appearance: "Spongicus"
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The Chum Coliseum is a gladiator place that was created by Plankton in the episode "Spongicus."


 Patrick goes in to face the wild lion-like fish called the Lion Fish. Fish from Bikini Bottom sit down, relax, eat chum on a stick, Chum pie, Chum burger's (chumwich), chum fries, and other chum products, and watch the games. It is likely the coliseum gladiator game where gladiators fight other gladiators, or fight monsters such as giant boars, man-eating lions, harpies, sea serpents, minotaurs, griffins, gorgons, hydras, cyclopes, centaurs, cerberuses, and the titans. Patrick and SpongeBob both try to run from the Lion Fish, but a sausage fell, and the Lion Fish is tamed by the sausage and eats it. The rest of the sausages fell on Plankton, and the Lion Fish eats the sausages and Plankton.

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  • The Chum Coliseum is an obvious parody of the Roman Coliseum.

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