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Chum Bucket Supreme (food)

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If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see Chum Bucket Supreme.
Chum Bucket Supreme
Chum Bucket Supreme
Producer: Chum Bucket
Type: Food
Appearance: "Chum Bucket Supreme"
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The Chum Bucket Supreme is one of many chum-related foods that Plankton serves at the Chum Bucket. Its first, and so far only appearance was in the episode "Chum Bucket Supreme," in which this food is named after.


The Chum Bucket Supreme is just a bucket of chum. The chum is served in smaller buckets that looks similar to the bigger Chum Bucket that also says "FUM IS CHUM" on it. People eat the chum by putting it around their necks and eating it from the bucket.


  • One of the many customers that has eaten the Chum Bucket Supreme is Nat. Nat, so far, has eaten more chum than anybody.
    • He has also eaten the most different kinds of chum including Chum Sticks and Chum Nuggets.
    • Nat's best friend Ivy also ate a lot of chum in "Chum Bucket Supreme" He is also second to Nat of eating the most chum.

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