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Chimps ahoy

The Chimpanzees are characters who appeared as the main antagonists in the episode "Chimps Ahoy." They are Sandy's bosses who came to her Treedome to look over her inventions. The Chimps consist of Professor Percy (main antagonist), Dr. Marmalade (tertiary antagonist), and Lord Reginald (secondary antagonist).


The Chimpanzees are first seen right after Sandy departed Bikini Bottom thinking her inventions wouldn't impress them. They then spot SpongeBob and Patrick (who was posing under the nickname "Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick") and asked SpongeBob and Patrick to show some of Sandy's inventions. SpongeBob and Patrick then showed the Chimpanzees the Automatic Back Scratcher, Hair Comber, Nose Picker, Ukulele Tuner 9000 as one of Sandy's "inventions". Lord Reginald was then force to test it and, at first, enjoyed the machine, but it soon malfunctioned, and ended up hurting Lord Reginald. Sandy then suddenly appears asking what SpongeBob is doing, and Professor Percy tells the group that they are leaving. Dr. Marmalade is about to eat a banana when one of Sandy's robots peels the banana. The Chimpanzees are excited with Professor Percy telling Sandy he expects more great things from her and Lord Reginald extends her contract. The Chimpanzees then leave Sandy's Treedome.


  • All 3 Chimpanzees have British accents.

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