Chimps ahoy
Types: Fat, Short, Skinny
Colors: Brown and Tan; Brown and Gray; Brown and light pink
Kingdom: Animalia (WP)
Phylum: Chordata (WP)
Class: Mammalia(WP)
Order: Primates(WP)
Family: Hominidae(WP)
Subfamily: Homininae(WP)
Tribe: Panina(WP)
Genus: Pan(WP)
Series Information
First appearance: "Shanghaied" (original airing/The First 100 Episodes DVD version)
Latest appearance: "Chimps Ahoy"
Portrayers: Nigel Planer (Dr. Marmalade)
Rik Mayall (Lord Reginald)
List of species

The Chimpanzees, or "Chimps" for short, is the subtribe/genus that Dr. Marmalade, Professor Percy, and Lord Reginald are part of.

As revealed in "Chimps Ahoy," their role is to evaluate the work of scientists in order to continue funding scientists' further work. If a negative evaluation is given, funding may be ceased.



They each wear suits, ties and hats and carry strong British accents. They are mostly humanoid, except for their faces. Although highly intelligent, they share the same strong desire for bananas that is typically associated with monkeys, hence why they are so delighted by sandy's banana peeler invention. Since two of the three chimpanzees in the episode suffer from vision problems, it is likely a common trait among the chimpanzees.


Their only known diet is bananas and the occasional pudding.


Sleepy Time 052
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