Charlton Hawkfish is a famous sewer architect who designed the pipes below the Krusty Krab Stadium. He appears in the episode "The Sewers of Bikini Bottom."


He is a lavender fish with a dark blue dorsal fin and a long saw-like nose. He is also shown to be physically fit and wears a dark purple suit and a light yellow undershirt with a scarlet-blue tie.

Role in episode

When Mr. Krabs visits the newly built Krusty Krab Stadium, he is introduced to Charlton Hawkfish, who is responsible for the construction of the stadium's sewage system. However, he soon grows infuriated when he learns that his client, Crupski, has cut corners in his plans by shorting the main line and built the pipe out of cardboard.

His major concern is what would happen during half-time when everyone goes to the bathroom at once. His worst fear is realized when the whole stadium floods, so Charlton dives into the water to turn on the fail safety switch to pump out all of the water with a giant plunger.

While he is ranting about how the world would come to an end by cheapskates like Mr. Krabs and Crupski, a sewer snake comes up behind Charlton, but he defeats the snake by popping it with his sharp nose like a balloon, which blows the snake back into the sewer.