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This is the page about the fancy fish. For other uses, see Charles (disambiguation).
Charles and Foofie
Charles (left) and Foofie (right)
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Awards: Best pet
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Olive-tan
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Pet(s): Foofie
Series information
First appearance: "Grooming Gary"
Latest appearance: "Bumper to Bumper"
Portrayer: Rodger Bumpass
List of characters

Charles is a wealthy man. He won the Bikini Bottom Pet Show five times in a row until SpongeBob won the competition in the episode "Grooming Gary." Charles tells SpongeBob the only way to prove your pet's beauty is to win the pet contest.


He is a olive-tan fish with a light teal dorsal fin and a mustache. Charles has a top hat, a tuxedo, a parasol, and a cravat. His appearance is considered to be rich, and stylish. His pet snail Foofie also seems to have the same rich appearance as him.


  • "Come on now, Foof."
  • "Does anyone speak Snail?"
  • "At least I know you wouldn't act like any of these heathens, right, Foofie?"
  • "Wake up, Foofie."
  • "Nyaw..."


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