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Charles is a wealthy man who won the Bikini Bottom Pet Show five times in a row until SpongeBob won the competition. He appears in the episodes "Grooming Gary" and "Bumper to Bumper."


He is a olive-tan fish with a light teal dorsal fin and a mustache. Charles wears a top hat, a tuxedo, a parasol, and a cravat. His appearance is considered to be rich and stylish. His pet snail, Foofie, also seems to have the same rich appearance as him.

Role in series

"Grooming Gary"

Charles tells SpongeBob the only way to prove your pet's beauty is to win the pet contest.

"Bumper to Bumper"

He appears in the film Goin' Bananas 3.


  • "Come on now, Foof."
  • "Does anyone speak snail?"
  • "At least I know you wouldn't act like any of these heathens, right, Foofie?"
  • "Wake up, Foofie."
  • "Nyaw..."